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Welcome to News and Views May

As the year rushes by, we check in again and hope that you’re all managing to safely navigate the busy world that we live in and are prepared for what lay ahead.

I would like to thank you for your valuable feedback as we are delighted to have received an overwhelming response to our first Client Health Index survey. As part of our commitment to further align with clients, we will continue to undertake these types of surveys bi-annually.

I’m proud to share some insights from our team around hardship and financial distress. One persistent disconnect exists around linking customer insight to actions in a way to drive connected experiences that are empathetic, positive and simpler for the customer – this is something we look to do more of here at recoveriescorp. It’s important to understand our customers and the challenges they may be facing to better equip ourselves with how to best help them. This will be the first in a set of articles we plan to release on the topic over the coming months.

I am excited to announce the addition of Michelle van Niekerk to the recoveriescorp Executive Team as Executive Manager – Insurance and Legal. Michelle has a vast knowledge and demonstrated skillset in both legal and collections, and will be a valuable asset to recoveriescorp and its clients.

We hope you enjoy News and Views this quarter. If you would like to learn more about something we’ve covered in this edition of News and Views or you’d like our opinion on a topical matter, please email
newsandviews @ and we’ll discuss it in the next briefing.

Nicholas Harrak